Can Medication Meant for Good Go Wrong?

A lot of people have relied on assuming newer things are better. It is a common assumption that new discoveries and marvels in the world of science can only be good things and can benefit the human condition. Unfortunately, this is not always true. There are some inventions and new concepts that can sometimes do more harm than the good they were designed to do – medication included.

There is evidence, as is presented in some recent cases where a lawsuit was necessary, that there has been FDA approved medication that has caused the increased pain and suffering of the patient. Xarelto, an anti-coagulant drug meant as a preventative drug against deep vein thrombosis which is common in patients who have had to go through hip replacements, has been linked to be the causing agent to cases of fatal gastrointestinal bleeding.

These are cases that were highlighted as examples on the website of Williams Kherkher, as this is not a particularly rare kind of case. As a matter of fact, there are other dangerous medications on the market and it can affect even the most innocent of consumers.

From the website of Zofran lawsuit attorneys, some mothers have filed for legal compensation for the suffering that not only they but also their newborn children are going through because of the drug. Zofran was originally permitted for people who are currently going through chemotherapy, in order to aid with their nausea. Expecting mothers also suffer from bouts of nausea and this can be difficult for professional, working moms who need to keep working before they’re due. Having taken this drug, they expected relief and normalcy and instead some cases have given evidence to the claim that Zofran caused their babies to be born with birth defects such as congenital heart failure or cleft palates.

These kinds of incidents need to be dealt with accordingly and so it is advised to contact an experienced professional immediately, should these events (or events of this nature) happen to you.

Some Personal Injury Myths, Debunked

There is hardly any such thing as a person who isn’t well-informed about his or her own rights these days. This is mainly attributed to the distribution of information through new media, specifically through the sharing of bits and pieces of information through social networking platforms. However, the regular Joe is just as capable of putting out phony stories about serious issues as much as legal experts are – and it’s about checking where the facts came from that can then make certain claims credible.

One such topic of conversation that is often diluted with myths and easily disproven theoretical assumptions is that of personal injury, the legal term used for any emotional, physical, or mental injury inflicted onto an innocent party as the result of another person’s negligence. There are some people who are on opposite extreme sides of the spectrum and these are the myths that this article is going to tackle.


  • Filing for Personal Injury is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow

This claim is incorrect on a case to case basis. According to the website of Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, compensation is given to the client in order for the client to not only be given recompense for the medical expenses necessary for the procedures but as well as loss of wages. Say that you accidentally got hit in the face with a door and you filed for personal injury. The case is, technically, allowable but without the advice of a lawyer – that lawsuit could be more costly than it is actually worth.


  • Personal Injury is too complicated and too costly

Now this is the opposite side of the spectrum as some victims don’t even know that they are warranted proper compensation for the damage done to them. In terms of complications, legal procedures and terminologies can be smoothed over with the help of an able personal injury attorney. That’s what hiring experienced help is for – their knowledge on the subject matter gives them the advantage and allows you the peace of mind that your case is in capable hands.

3 Truths About Divorce

It goes hand in hand with the discussion of marriage that divorce is an option in order to sever that contract. There are just some instances in life wherein divorce is necessary and that the given relationship would be better off with both parties as separated instead of forced to be together. Divorce has become quite common in its depiction in mainstream media – and these aren’t always factual representations. But people seem to believe how things go in movies and TV shows when, in actuality, that isn’t exactly how things play out.

The following are three truths you may not know about divorce, and should consider before going through such a long, difficult battle in many cases.

First of all, you don’t have to hide your assets in fear that it will make the settlement harder between the two parties. According to the website of Alexander & Associates, a divorce can go much faster if there is transparency and agreement between the two parties. There is no particular law that sets it in stone that one party will receive half of everything that the other owns as the financial aspects are personalized, depending on the economic background of either party.

The next bit is this: you don’t need to wait for a particularly nasty incident in order to file for divorce. There is such a thing as a no-fault divorce, wherein neither party committed a fault and simply want to separate for personal reasons. A divorce case of this nature can usually take a bit longer than a divorce with a fault, of course, but an amiable agreement is leagues better than one filled with tension, stress, and trauma; sometimes, it’s a blessing to be able to choose this route.

Lastly, the child doesn’t always go to the mother. It is always difficult for a child to have to go through his or her parents’ divorce and so the settlement of custody is always a tricky subject as it is the best interests of the child that is prioritized above all things. Some fathers may feel concern or trepidation when first filing for divorce out of fear that they may not be granted custody of their children. However, favor usually goes towards the primary caregiver of the child or the parent who is the most capable of taking care of the children. Couples that separate on good terms often agree on shared custody for the child’s sake.

Can a Criminal Charge Affect My Professional License?

Breaking it down, a professional license connotes a certain level of expertise with the given profession. After all, not every job requires a license and a license is something that gives someone permission to perform something. A professional license means that the person in question who holds it is permitted – through rigorous testing – to perform the given profession. This is usually for medical practitioners, as the most common example, for they deal with the most precious subjects: another being’s life.

Now, can a criminal charge affect that license?

Well, a criminal charge affects every single aspect of a person’s life. A Collin County criminal defense lawyer may inform you that a criminal charge can possibly withhold not only educational but also professional opportunities. A charge like that can stain your professional reputation for the rest of your life. In some cases, according to the website of the Leichter Law Firm, it can even result in your professional license being revoked.

This is most common whenever there is wrongful death that occurs within a medical procedure. The surviving kin or benefactors of the deceased may seek to press charges and these are issues that must be met with only the utmost efficiency and sensitivity.

If you or someone you know is currently having their license withheld or revoked, it is of the utmost importance to contact legal aid straightaway. Even the accusation of a criminal charge can be damaging for your professional reputation and with the way that social media works these days, it can be crucial that matters of this nature are handled as quietly and quickly as possible.

Everything can be at risk – as licenses tend like this tends to come from years and years of intense study – and so it must be treated respectively.

Fake Motor Vehicle Fatality as Catfish Publicity Stunt Enrages Fans

Accidents that happen while on the road are some of the most devastating that could ever happen to someone. Hundreds of them happen every single day in the United States of America and so many people, each year, die from these accidents.

In recent news, a young fan of the band called “One Direction” staged the news of a car accident in order to receive the attention of the famed band members for sympathy. The friends that the fan got immediately started with a mad scramble to get the band members to notice the tragedy, while others were more skeptical. After initial reports came pouring in, the alleged fan who went by the Twitter handle Rosalzjm was a catfish account intended to stage the elaborate hoax so that the famed band would take a minute of silence in “her” name on the 9th of July, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Little do some people know, apparently, that motor vehicle accidents can have a huge impact on not just one person but the dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands, of others who consider them as important parts of their lives.

Accidents involving motor vehicles are considered subsets of personal injury. This is a type of legal action that is a result of injury – physical, emotional, mental, or any combination of the three – that is inflicted upon an innocent party due to the actions, whether willfully or ignorantly made, of a guilty party. The offender will then be charged with handling recompense for the damage done upon the victim.

One such kind of accident that can result in some of the most personally devastating accidents known is that of motorcycle accidents. On the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, it states that drivers of motor cycles are more prone to severe or fatalistic accidents due to the lack of protection that the vehicle offers, in contrast to car accidents that have walls as well as protective apparatus in gear.

Do not joke about these kinds of incidents – they are never funny or a way to get attention, especially if they happen to you.