Fake Motor Vehicle Fatality as Catfish Publicity Stunt Enrages Fans

Accidents that happen while on the road are some of the most devastating that could ever happen to someone. Hundreds of them happen every single day in the United States of America and so many people, each year, die from these accidents.

In recent news, a young fan of the band called “One Direction” staged the news of a car accident in order to receive the attention of the famed band members for sympathy. The friends that the fan got immediately started with a mad scramble to get the band members to notice the tragedy, while others were more skeptical. After initial reports came pouring in, the alleged fan who went by the Twitter handle Rosalzjm was a catfish account intended to stage the elaborate hoax so that the famed band would take a minute of silence in “her” name on the 9th of July, 2015 in San Diego, California.

Little do some people know, apparently, that motor vehicle accidents can have a huge impact on not just one person but the dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands, of others who consider them as important parts of their lives.

Accidents involving motor vehicles are considered subsets of personal injury. This is a type of legal action that is a result of injury – physical, emotional, mental, or any combination of the three – that is inflicted upon an innocent party due to the actions, whether willfully or ignorantly made, of a guilty party. The offender will then be charged with handling recompense for the damage done upon the victim.

One such kind of accident that can result in some of the most personally devastating accidents known is that of motorcycle accidents. On the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, it states that drivers of motor cycles are more prone to severe or fatalistic accidents due to the lack of protection that the vehicle offers, in contrast to car accidents that have walls as well as protective apparatus in gear.

Do not joke about these kinds of incidents – they are never funny or a way to get attention, especially if they happen to you.